Valentine’s Day Craft – Guelph Children’s Photographer

You will need:

red and pink paint (I had acrylic)

2 toilet paper tubes

cardstock paper

a toddler who loves anything that involves paint…

Step #1: Crease the toilet paper tubes to create a heart shape. Voila, you have your heart stamper!

Step #2: Dip newly-made heart stampers into paint. We chose to use Red & Pink to keep inline with traditional Valentine’s Day colours.

Step #3: Hand them over to your toddler and the art will basically create itself:)

* I cheated a little bit and did the occasional stamp in order to fill in the gaps. But the smears are all Mattea, I swear!





Let the paper dry and later fold in half to create your own handmade Valentine’s Day cards. A true work of art by your very own toddler!


February 14, 2012 - 8:11 am

Julia - awwww super cute!
Happy Valentines day to you! <3

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