the Future of Bodh Photography…

We have news. BIG, EXCITING NEWS.

Bodh Photography is getting its own studio.

Actually, Jake is getting his own Salon too – Bodh Salon to be exact. After more than 10 years of hard work and dedication, a great rental space came available and the decision was made by Jake to go out on his own. Both businesses will have homes under the same roof starting January 2011. For the photography, it means having a space to invite clients into for bookings and viewings. We also will be able to offer a small studio, mostly for newborn clients. It’s a great alternative for those clients who prefer indoor shooting but perhaps don’t have adequate space or lighting (ie. newborns!).

Jake has literally been working round the clock to get it ready for opening. My husband and I don’t see a lot of each other these days:(It’s also the reason why the blogging has taken a brief hiatus. My apologies but having a crazy active 11 month old and 2 dogs, maintaining a household and trying to prepare for Christmas has been my focus. And to top it off me and baby are both sick so that just sucks (I totally caught it from her, arghhh).

To celebrate, we’re having a salon & studio Open House.

January 16, 1:00-4:00pm, 115 Woolwich Street in Guelph.

(Please excuse the colour of the invite on here, totally not what it looks like at all in print!)

Everyone is invited! Be sure to stop by that day for some yummy food and a look around. We’ve Jake’s worked so hard these past couple months and I assure you the new space is worth the visit! All I’ll say is the wallpaper we chose looks amazing 😉

Oh, and stay tuned for two newborn session posts. They were the last before we started the renovating madness. Crazy to think Christmas Day is less then 3 weeks away! Which also means the 2010 year is coming to close, AND, my baby will be turning 1! *Cry* This year went by so fast.

So much good stuff to come, I can feel it!:)

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