the First Haircut

I’ll admit her hair was too long. Her bangs came down to her nose and often tickled her eyes. I tried bows, but the little stinker would pull them out and throw them aside. When Jake started telling me she needed a haircut to get rid of the weird mullet type of do she had going, I knew it was time. A couple days ago we brought Little M into the salon for her first haircut at 13 months.

I have to brag: I have the best toddler in the world. There was no tears, no tantrums, no fuss. Jake said she was the best little kid whose hair he’s ever cut. You might think he’s biased, but he seemed genuinely surprised at how well it went that I don’t think he’s lying.

My toddler is 19 pounds of attitude.

Posing for her after shots. My baby has blue eyes! We couldn’t see them for a while 😉

We survived the haircut. And I say ‘we’ because I put it off for so long. Seeing her hair get longer over this past year has only reminded me that she’s growing up. No tears from Little M or me. It was a really adorable experience, and especially nice that Jake will forever hold the title of being her stylist. Doesn’t mean much to her now but wait until she’s 15 and wants highlights….

February 22, 2011 - 3:16 am

Mary - I love this set of pictures, Michelle. They’re beautiful and Mattea looks smashing with the new due. Love to you all.

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