Summer Recap & News

I think it’s time to dust off our good ‘ol blog and let everyone know what we’ve been up to & the plans for the rest of 2011.

We had a great summer. A ridiculously hot and humid summer, but a really good one. Our highlight was spending a couple days in Collingwood and touring Blue Mountain and beaching it at Wasaga.

The biggest reason why the blog was neglected? This little guy:

Yep, we’re adding another little dictator to the mix. It’s a boy, whose name is a secret until he arrives. My due date is October 11th. As I write this I’m sitting at 38 weeks pregnant and I was last told by my doctor that she might induce me in 2 days. WOOT WOOT!  So yeah, I’m kinda late with the announcement but on the bright side it means you get to find out his name AND see pics really soon. Also stay tuned for his official newborn photos, which I have been planning since the second line came up on the test. Jake cut me off from Etsy a couple months ago so I can’t wait to debut the new props and hats I’ve been saving for our little guy.

With the usual discomforts associated with pregnancy and the humid temperatures, Bodh Photography took it easy this summer. However, we shot a wedding and an extended family session since you last heard from us. I will blog more about them this fall during my maternity leave, but here’s a little peek:

I am now officially on maternity leave until the new year. We will still be answering emails but please allow a couple days for a reply as newborns tend to be really time consuming creatures. I will start taking on sessions for January 2012 and beyond. Newborns can be booked anytime as we shoot indoors, and family sessions will resume for May 2012 once spring arrives.

For the rest of the fall we will be renovating our studio to install flooring, updating our website and creating some new packages and pricing. Expect a lot of baby related posts as my life will be revolving around a newborn and 21 month old.

September 26, 2011 - 10:30 pm

Mary - Michelle and Jake,

All of these photos are excellent. I’m loving the chocolate face shot of Mattea. She looks pretty hilarious!

Can’t wait for the newborn pics! Love to you all.

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