Right around now everyone starts to get really antsy about the imminent arrival of spring. Gardening equipment arrives on shelves, puffy winter jackets get packed away and are replaced with rain boots and umbrellas. April has been quite a dreary month. Those April showers better bring May flowers. Around our house we have a couple hints of spring. A good friend came over for dinner the other night and brought me a bouquet of Tulips. They’re pretty and they smell good. Always a good sign of better weather right?



I am really passionate about growing my garden these days. To get a head start, I bought a couple packets of seeds and a little indoor greenhouse and decided to see if I really could grow some flowers from scratch. I am trying out three types of flowers, Zinnias, Marigolds and Poppies. After carefully following the instructions and painstakingly placing the teensy seeds at the correct depth in the moss, I got many of them sprouting in less than a week. Fingers crossed they continue to do well and survive the move to the backyard next month.



We haven’t done a lot of shooting over the winter as the weather is so restrictive and zaps the inspiration.¬†Yesterday I snapped a nice little picture of Mattea just before our afternoon snack. If anything it helped get me back into the swing of things. Spring can’t come soon enough.



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