Not Your Average Headshots II – Guelph Royal City Roller Girls photography


Last night we completed the second round of the Royal City Roller Girls (RCRG) headshots for their 2012 roster. You can see the first set HERE. It came out to something like 95 images… in a little over 48 hours… no big deal.

This set features the third team, Violet Uprising, as well as their travel team, The Brute-Leggers. Seriously fun & gorgeous ladies. Our two year old was helping me edit today and kept saying “Ooooh Pretty!” with each new photo I pulled into photoshop. I think it’s safe to say the RCRG are a double threat 😉


Introducing a sneak peek of VIOLET UPRISING – ‘a little crazy, a lot of weapons’ theme



A sneak peek at your 2012 travel team, THE BRUTE-LEGGERS – old Guelph gangster theme




Many thanks to the sponsorship ladies who helped us coordinate this headshot project. We love them, and we hope you all do too!

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**Dear RCRG players: all the photos from Tuesday will be uploaded onto Facebook sometime in the next 48 hours. Feel free to tag yourself and/or use images as your profile picture. Please keep our watermark visible and photo credit intact. Many thanks! **

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