Mattea is 4 – Crafts & Hot Chocolate Winter Party

This year we did a “Crafts & Hot Chocolate” Winter party to celebrate Mattea turning four. It seemed fitting considering it’s January, it’s cold and we’re left with planning something indoors.

I pre-made snowmen using styrofoam balls from the Dollarama, and hot glued them to a cardboard base. The rest of the snowman supplies also came from dollar stores and Michaels. Note to parents – styrofoam and white glue aren’t the best combo for getting all the accessories to stick. In hindsight I should’ve designated one person to be the “hot gluer”. I will say everyone got creative for finding ways to make the snowman’s eyes, arms and scarves to stay put.

We also had a make your own hot cocoa bar and everyone could choose their fixings. I made the hot chocolate in my crockpot (kept it warm the entire party, and also kept everyone away from a hot stovetop). I totally recommend it! Hot cocoa fixings included marshmallows, peppermint stir sticks, swiss chocolate shavings, Butter Finger pieces and whipped cream.

The birthday girl had a blast!

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