How I Dress My Kids So Stylishly- Guelph Children’s Photographer


I am addicted to buying my kids stylish clothing. Just ask my husband.

I should clarify however, this does not mean I exclusively buy my kids expensive clothing. No siree. I have nabbed some great pieces from Goodwill and Value Village, as well as Walmart and second-hand stores.

My secret to buying stylish kids clothing? Waiting for sales, and choosing the right colours.

I buy most of my kids clothes on sale or clearance. What is my definition of clearance? At least 50% off, usually 60-70% though.

I usually buy a year in advance. My kids are petite and aren’t huge growers so I have predicting their sizes down to a science. I usually opt for stylish, one of a kind and/or neutral, timeless pieces. I also tend to buy clothes keeping photo shoots in mind so I know if a dress I love is worth picking up, or whether a particular sweater will coordinate with family photos. I also tend to buy on the bigger side when possible knowing my kids are petite and I can probably get two seasons out of it (I am mindful of clothing that is way too big and ends up looking sloppy though!).

When sale shopping, I tend to stick with the same colours time and time again: blacks, greys, creams, white, reds, blues and purples. Basically I am looking for the colours that look good on my kids, AND will coordinate with other pieces I already have.

I do buy things at full price, sometimes. If it’s really, really adorable or happens to catch my eye above everything else in the store, I’ll consider buying it. Usually it’s an accessory, outerwear, footwear or an article of clothing in a unique colour, pattern or texture.

One thing I don’t mind paying full price for? My kid’s jeans. H&M is the only place that sells super slim jeans with an adjustable waist band. Mattea is a size 2-3 in length, but her waist is so tiny she can fit into 6-9 month stuff! I really prefer a slimmer leg on young children and the adjustable waistband makes the fit perfect. Another reason why I love H&M kids clothing so much! Their kids denim retails for around $19.99, but last year I caught a sale and stocked up at $12.95 per pair.

Mattea’s outfit below is a good example of buying different pieces from different stores to make one stylish, neutral look and each piece would still coordinate with other more colourful options as well.

Shirt- Joe Fresh

Bloomer shorts – H&M

Tights – H&M

Boots – Walmart







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