Half A Year – Guelph Baby Photographer


Dash is 6 months old today.

What the heck?! I can’t believe it. It doesn’t feel like it’s been 6 months since he’s joined our family.

5 Facts about Dash:

– He’s big. I’d guess 17 lbs+. To put in in perspective, Mattea weighed 18 lbs at ONE YEAR. He’s got a long torso and short legs, just like is sister too. He’s currently in 12 month sleepers and 12-18 month shirts.

– He’s a cuddler. He’s happiest when being held. Am I turning him into a Momma’s Boy? ¬†…….. ?

– He’s a sensitive guy. Loud noises upset him like none other.

– He’s a bit of a firecracker. He’s the easiest going baby, EXCEPT, when he’s hungry or tired. I’ve never heard a set of lungs on a baby until I had Dash angry about not getting fed. Wowszers, can that boy scream.

– He loves Mattea. Like REALLY loves her. I often catch him smiling and making googly eyes at her. She’s the coolest person in his life.


Happy Half-A-Year Birthday to our baby Dashie!


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