Emitt is ONE! – Guelph Baby & Cake Smash Photography

Last year when I saw Emitt, he looked like THIS. The difference between newborns and their one year old selves is crazy!

Emitt’s mom is my dream client: she has an idea and we work together to make it happen. She is so talented and ridiculously amazing at multitasking. I called her the night before his session, and she was telling me about her desire to get the texture in the icing perfect, and also nonchalantly mentioned her plans to make his custom diaper cover later that night….from scratch…by finding a sewing pattern online.

We had planned to do much of his session outdoors, but mother nature had different ideas. It was pouring rain so the studio came in handy. He was a happy guy, and the session was easy. Thanks to his mom and Oma for playing “catch the running baby”. I know you were both sweating but I appreciate the help! I think we got some awesome photos that really illustrate just who Emitt is at one year: happy, usually smiling and very fashion forward.





















February 10, 2012 - 12:40 am

Mary - Michelle, what a fabulous collection of pictures! Emit is one stylish kid! Loved the outfit changes.


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