BODH: the Hair Salon & the Photography Studio

The Open House we had a couple weeks ago went off without a hitch. We even had a reporter from SNAP come take our photo for the February edition! This is embarrassing to admit but here goes: we spent the whole time chatting to clients and visitors that we didn’t take any pictures. Eeek. Ah well, that’s life. So after this week’s wedding consultation we snapped some pics of the new digs.

Our official entrance, which is at the back of the building. We love how the signs came out (thanks Dad!).

I can say quite confidently we are the only business in Guelph to join a hair salon and studio under one roof :D. The concept works, as the two trades compliment each other really well. While Jake’s clients are waiting in the lounge, they can view the wall art which showcases our portfolio. We’ve got examples of lustre and metallic prints, a standout and a gallery wrap canvas. Also, it’s really handy to have a space to meet and greet photography clients. A nice new professional touch:)

My favourite aspect of the space? The WALLPAPER! For $70 a roll (times 4) plus $90 cash on delivery (Eesh), we got our “WOW” factor. My jaw dropped when the UPS guy asked for the C.O.D, and we did in fact freak out over the total cost, but in the end it was totally worth it, and we couldn’t imagine the space without our beloved wallpaper. It’s a relaxing but funky, modern space. It really is our vision for everything associated with Bodh.

What we have of our studio so far is pic #5. Currently the floor, walls and ceiling are painted white. I would’ve taken a pic but honestly all there is to show is a completely stark white space. Why did we do this? No Colour Casts (we’ll thank ourselves later). On-location shooting comprises 95% of our photography so we’re planning to build up our studio equipment slowly. Also, we just spent the big bucks on renovating the space so we’ve got some major saving to do. On my Birthday and Christmas list for 2011: backdrop stand, lighting equipment, and a couple backdrops.

Pictures #6 and #7 are the lounge. We actually got to test it out with some great clients who met us at the studio to book their wedding (July 2011!). We brought our iPad to showcase our portfolio and had fun discussing their plans for their big day. Great first consultation!

So that’s that. Any questions about anything you see in the above images, or the process of renovating a space for a salon/studio, just email us at

P.S. – Anyone who’s interested, you can find the wallpaper HERE.

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