Alicia – Guelph Maternity Photography

Alicia and I met while working in the retail industry. It’s amazing how you can look back on your first crappy minimum-wage paying job fondly just because of the awesome people you met and bonded with. I remember our first shift together. Myself and another coworker harassed her (in good fun of course) to say a dirty word over the walkie-talkies. She finally did and yelled that ridiculous phrase just as my coworker was cashing out a customer and the volume on his walkie-talkie was turned all the way up 😉 . Embarrassing for her? Probably. But I instantly appreciated her ability to joke around with us as the new employee. I remember the day I quit, and feeling just awful because I knew I would miss Alicia and all those other coworkers and our ability to turn the mundane into fun.

I was completely honoured to be asked by Alicia to do her maternity and newborn photos. Alicia is extremely outgoing, and also ridiculously stylish, so I knew this maternity session would be awesome. Nothing pleases me more than clients who take a proactive approach to planning their session and get just as excited as me about the possibilities. I took Alicia’s high-end fashion magazine ideas and blended them with our natural light portraits and voila, we ended up with some freaking awesome photos if I do say myself.

**A little disclaimer, a couple of the images could be considered a bit “risque” for some. There’s some partial nudity, and yes, I got Alicia’s permission to post them. Don’t look if you’re offended from seeing the underside of a boob 😉:)


Alicia was 37 weeks pregnant when these were taken, and rocked the heels AND the legs. WOWZA! I’m jealous.


Alicia, thank you so much for such a fun time! I hope these are exactly how you envisioned them. I also hope that overdue little man who’s camping out in your uterus decides to make his big debut soon. Like now, or even tomorrow. I can’t wait for his newborn session!

February 15, 2011 - 12:05 am

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