About Us

We are Michelle & Jake Somerville. We have been married for almost six years. We are ruled by two extremely loveable dictators, our kids, Mattea & Dash. We have a giant dog and a tiny cat.

Jake is a licensed hairstylist who’s been in the industry for 15 years. Michelle has B.A. in sociology from the University of Guelph. We launched Bodh Salon & Photography in 2009, and opened our hair salon/photography studio in downtown Guelph in January 2011.

 Jake likes pizza. Michelle likes cupcakes. Michelle likes IKEA and Jakes dislikes what Michelle’s affection for IKEA means for their bank account. Michelle likes watching bad reality tv while folding laundry and Jake pretends that he’s not watching too. We both love sleeping in but that never happens anymore (see the part about “loveable dictators”).

 Our favourite place to be is together as a family – beach days in Sauble or Wasaga, getting ice cream cones in the summer, trips to the park or watching movies. We feel the most important things are the little ones, and that you can never have too many pictures.




photo credit: Mandy Blake Photography

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